You’ve been stalking me for days now. going though my facebook pictures, taking pictures of me when im out hanging with people and even talked to me on tumblr getting me to send you some, tonight you want to make me yours. you are in your car waiting for me to get home, as you wait you look through your two favorite pictures you have of me, the two that you sneaked in and took while i was passed out

you are here again tonight for more pictures.

i get home from work, it was like any other day except im finally on vacation for the next two weeks, i strip out of my work clothes and put on a tank-top and a yellow thong and for the fun of it long socks so i can slide across the floor. i slide my way into the kitchen, im getting rather hungry i check the oven to see if i have leftover pizza in there. i suddenly look around, and checked outside the window, i thought i heard a camera go off but i dont see anyone so i must of been hearing things. i go back to my room for something and you take a look of the picture you got of me

i come back into the kitchen talking on the phone, im talking to a friend and you over hear me telling them that i got the next two weeks off and i just want to be left alone relaxing the whole time. you sneak back to your car and smile. you start planning for the next day, you want me so bad, you want to fulfill your fantasies on me and nothing is going to stop you now, for who will notice when i go missing? im off work and i just told my friends to leave me alone the whole time….

i wake up the next day, take a shower, go on tumblr and you are on, you send me a message asking if i had any sexy pictures to send. i laugh and tell you one min. not seeing any harm sending pictures to someone who doesnt know me

you send me that we should me in person and i send back lol sure anytime but im really busy today. you send back ok maybe someother time. i get off and get dress, wearing a tank-top and short shorts i go for a walk though the park, its still early so theres almost no one around. i sit at a bench and you come sit next to me. i dont pay any attention to you till you laugh, and tell me how you thought i was busy today, i look at and ask what you mean. you smile and tell me how im just a lying filthy whore and you will use me like one. i go to smack you but you catch my hand and forces me in for a kiss. i break away from you and run, you catch up to me and push me to the ground, i struggle against you for a bit but it ends up with my shorts half way down and my hands and legs duct tape along with my mouth. you pick me up, carried me to your car and tossed me in the trunk you took a picture of me before shutting the lid.

i struggle as hard as i can but i cant get free. i feel the car drive off and start to cry. after a while you stopped the car, open the trunk, you smile at me as you say, you are now my fuck toy, i will use you when and how i want and theres nothing you can do to stop me. you then force a vibrator between my legs and into my pussy, you turn it on and watch as i struggle with it. you see me get wet and see in my face that im starting to enjoy it. you pull my head back with my hair and kiss up my neck, whispering in my ear, that vibrator is going to be your friend for a few hours, have fun slut. slamming the trunk you start the car again. i struggle hard against the pleasure but it becomes to much. i pass out.

i wake up a few hours later in what looks like a barn, tied differently.

i struggle but im tied to tight and theres a ball gag gagging me. i hear you walk in. so slut ready to be taught how to be a fuck toy, you come over and smack my ass real hard, i try to yelp through the gag. you keep this up for afew my smack, you notice im getting very wet, ah you are enjoying this whore? well theres more. tears are running down my eyes as i see you pull your cock out. you rub it across my tender pussy lips. you hear me muffle something. you smile as you walk over and ungag me, what is it slut. ppplease dont, pplease just let me go. you laugh and smack me hard on the pussy, i yelp in pain, please whore, you are now my fuck toy and when i have trained you well enough i will share you with my friends, you slowly start to shove your dick in me, i realized you never put a condom on and start to beg you to, ppplease aatleast use a condom, iiim not on the pill. you pull my hair back. please slut, you are just my fuck toy and thats all you will ever be, im not going to use a damn condom for you. you start to fuck me roughly, i try not to enjoy, struggling against it. but i can feel my self getting wetter and tighter around your cock and a moan escapes my lips. see slut, you love this, you want it and after afew days you will be begging for it. you fuck me faster and harder as i get wetter and tighter around you. i feel your balls slapping against my as. suddenly you shove deep into me, cumming so hard, it all becomes too much, i scream in so much pleasure, tightening around your cock and cumming with you. breathing heavily you pull out, i shudder. you come over to my face shoving your cock into it. breathing too heavily to stop you, you shove your cock into my mouth, demanding i clean it for you. not thinking clearly from the pleasure i do as you ask. you rub my clit as i do so, causing me to shudder more. i feel your dick get hard again in my mouth. i feel your hands on my head as you bob my head on it. after a while you pull out of my mouth and cum all over my face. you go to leave but before you go you look at me and say, see bitch, you loved it and then you were gone. i lay there dazed from the pleasure till reality hits me. im tied, being raped by this stranger, might become pregnant, and no one knows where im at, and the worst part is, i want him to come back and fuck me again. feeling shocked at my self, sleep finally takes me as i pass out for the night…