im sitting on my couch in just some panties and t-shirt when i get a txt from a guy friend. *hey slut i see you are ready for a fucking* startled i send back *lol ummm auto correct much?* he replies with *no bitch, we are going to fuck you like the filthy slut you are* suddenly my door burst open and the guy friend i was txting and another guy friend came in. i try to get away from them yelling “what the fuck they thought they were doing” when suddenly i slipped and they were both on me, pinning me down and trying to tie my hands together. i try to yell for help but then one of them covered my mouth with duct tape.

i try to struggle and break free, i feel a slap against my face as i hear one of them say “stop struggling whore, we know you want this as much as we do, just because you are a bitch and want to play hard to get and tease us all the damn time with you fucking body only means now we are going to take you by force. how does it sound to be a fucktoy, for us to use when ever we want?” tears runs down my cheek as i try to struggle against them. next thing i know one of them shoves something in my face and everything goes black. i wake up moments later with no clothes on and my arms tied behind my back. i can feel my pussy very wet and sore and i can also feel something wet on my face. i start to cry as i realize what was on my face, from the corner of the room i hear one of my “friends” say “hey look the whore is awake, sorry for not waiting till you woke up but we couldnt help ourselves, we just had to fuck you” at this the other “friend” laughs “but look at the bright side, we are ready for another round, so you might as well just enjoy yourself” suddenly i feel one of them shove their dick deep into my pussy, i let out a surprised moan, the other one takes advantage of this and shoves his dick down my throat.

i gag, trying to struggle free from this i feel the friend behind me push my head so that the dick was all in my mouth, they keeping fucking me like this, pulling my hair, pinching my nipples, grabbing my tits, slapping my ass. while the entire time telling how great i feel, how much they are going to enjoy having me as a fucktoy. after a while the pleasure takes me and i stop struggling and start to enjoy it, i let out moans, and could feel my pussy getting tighter, they laugh, “see, we knew you wanted this slut, beg for us to cum, beg to be our fucktoy, tell us that you are nothing but a filthy whore” i feel myself getting close to an orgasm and when they guy i was sucking would pull out i would tell them what they wanted to hear, begged them to keep going. suddenly i feel my hair get yanked back as the guy in my pussy pushes as deep as he can and explode in me, i let out a loud scream of pleasure as i feel a load of cum hitting my face. the first friend pulls out of me as i shudder and struggle to catch my breathe. “thats good fucktoy, you are now ours, that is unless you want people to see this video of us fucking you and you begging for it” he goes over and shows me a hidden camera. my eye grow wide as i realize they had been videoing this the whole time. they then go and ball gag me, and before they leave they take photos with their phones, i feel a hard slap on my ass as one of them tells me they will be back later for another fucking. they leave me, tied up, dripping of cum and gaged in the middle of the room, and they had turned the video on so im stuck watching that till they get back. i cry until i pass out, hoping for all of this to be a nightmare…