lost trust

sitting at home, talking to my roommate about her bf leaving her (again). i shake my head “you should just move on, he wasn’t good for you” she sighs, stands up and walks around “maybe you are right….hey you know what we should do?” i look at her puzzled “what..?” suddenly shes next to me with her phone out, “hes always liked you more then me, we should send him some sexy pics of you and tease him” i shake my head “there is no way im going to get naked for that pig” she runs to her room and pulls some skimpy clothes “who said anything about being naked? we will just take a pic with you in that sexy outfit you’re wearing and something from this pile? please, do this for me?” i sigh and shake my head “i cant believe im going to do this but ok” we take two pics that we sent him

she looks at me when we get done with the two pics, “come on we should send one with your tits out” i give her a weird look shaking my head “no i dont want him to have a pic of my tits and showing them to his friends” at that she laughs “dont worry, we’ll keep your face out of it, please, just one?” shrugging i look at her “fine, but only one”

after the last pic was sent she started laughing “whats so funny?” trying to stop laughing she looks at me “he said we are driving him crazy with the pics and that im being a bitch for sending them to him” at that i start laughing “make sure to let him know that them pics are all hes getting from me” the rest of the day we do our own thing, later that night i fall asleep, wake up afew hrs later hearing talking but suddenly had something pressed to my face and i fell back to sleep……when next i woke up i couldnt stretch my legs or move my hands, in fact i couldnt speak either, suddenly i feel a hand on me and my body shudders.

my eyes grow wide as i see my roommate and her ex standing over me, i feel him feel how wet i am. he smiles and looks at my roommate “see i told you she was a fucking slut, she wants this more then we do” my roommate smiles and runs her hand on my face “i knew this bitch was as soon as she said she was ok with sending them pics to you, shes just a horny little whore” my eyes start to water, im so confused of what was happening, she slaps my face “dry it up whore, i knew you wanted to fuck my bf, i knew how badly you wanted to show off your slutty body to him, well now we will give you what you want, the only thing is, you will forever be only a fuck toy for him and his friends, we will make you the slut you are” smiling she turns to her bf “go on and test your new toy babe, we both can see shes ready” he moves to get between my legs, i try to keep them closed but they forced my legs open. i then suddenly feel him deep in me, pumping fast and hard. i try to keep control but it becomes to much, he pulls my hair back and laugh as he feels me get tighter and wetter. “baby this fucktoy feels so great, im sure my friends will enjoy her too” my roommate suddenly get onto my face and start rubbing her pussy on my face, i struggle as it gets harder to breathe. “mmmm baby should i take her gag out so she can beg you to fuck her while she eats me out?” kissing her he smiles “sure babe, you need your fun too” she takes the gag out but keeps my lips covered with her pussy “now whore, you will eat me out and beg my bf to fuck you, if you dont i will cover your face till you pass out and then you dont want to know what we will do, understand whore” tears falling down my cheek i nod and start licking her, every time she gives me a chance to breathe i beg him to fuck me harder “fuck me, keep fucking me like a filthy whore, i need to feel you in my” he start pushing deeper and deeper, feeling me get tighter. suddenly he fucks me harder, getting closer to a huge orgasm i moan loudly as this happens my roommate pins my face in her pussy, he then cums in me as my body explodes with pleasure, i slowly pass out as he slips out of me and she gets off me, when i wake up im tied in a new room…the basement

sore all over and i can taste cum in my mouth and feel it dripping from my pussy. my ass feels really sore too, i turn my head and see that im being recorded, then i notice a tv, on it is a video of earlier, with me begging for it, i start crying again but not for long as three guys i dont know comes down, they switch my gag with a ring gag and all three of them fill up my holes, i scream in pain when the one forces his way into my ass, they fuck me for what felt like hrs, until my pleasure turned more to pain and i went through what seemed like twenty orgasms. they finally finish, each one slapping my ass hard and telling how good of a bitch i am for them, then i was alone, crying, realizing this is all i am anymore, im their bitch, only a fuck toy…all cause of my roommate and her bf

(i hope i wrote this one well, ive never done any thing with a girl so i wasnt quite sure how to write it in but i hope everyone who reads it likes it)