you found me on facebook and started talking to me, we talked alot normally about random stuff, but while we talked you stalked through my pictures, i didnt know at the time but you wanted to own me, wanted to make me your fucktoy and share me with your friends, you figured out a great plan just how to do it too…you broke into my house one day, had a mask on so i didnt know it was you, saw me in only a shirt and panties, before i could do anything you had taped my mouth shut and taped my hands and legs together. you then took your phone out and took a picture of me struggling, you then showed me the picture of me, just how helpless i looked…

my eyes began to water, i try to struggle harder. you smile, you tell me how you got lucky coming to this house to rob (trying to get me to believe you are just a random robber) you go up to my room with a bag, i hear you searching through stuff, i hear you walking from room to room, you come back down with the bag filled, you set the bag down by the door and walk back to me. “i hope you didnt think i was going to forget all about you, im going to enjoy this” grabbing me by the hair you bend me over the couch. i struggle harder, you watch me struggle, seeing my ass move, you then pull a knife out and gently cut my panties off. suddenly i feel your big dick in me, pushing as deep as you can in, feeling me nicely wet and tight, you smack my ass hard laughing. “damn you are such a slut, i bet youve been wanting this all day” fucking me for what feels like hours i get tighter and tighter till you finally push as deep as you can and cum hard, my back arch as i go through an orgasm.i pass out….while im passed out you cut the tape off and leave with the bag of stuff you took knowing i wont go to the police. i wake up feeling the cum drip from me, i cry for what feels like hours till i fall back to sleep. when i wake up i see you left me a message on facebook asking whats new. i break down and tell you what happened..you comfort me and days later you asked if i wanted to date, i thought about it and you were there for me when i was raped so i said sure. i got ready for the night and meet you in the place you wanted to meet up at

you looked impressed when you saw me and asked if i just wanted to go back to your place cause you were thinking about just cooking for me tonight. impressed that you wanted to cook i said sure. we got there and you let me in first, as soon as i was in you grabbed me from behind and put a cloth over my mouth, i let out a cry of surprised, but passed out before i could put up a struggle, i wake up to you pulling my hair i try to move but you seemed to of tied me

you whisper in my ear “hey slut, its me, your rapist” my eyes grow wide, tears going down my cheeks as i shake my head no. “what the hell do you think youre shaking your head no for whore? i own you now, all you will be good for is a fucktoy” i hear you unzipping your pants, “now bitch get ready for a fucking of your life” like before you shove your dick deep into me but this time you rip the tape from my mouth “come on slut beg for it, i know you want to” i try to scream for help but you pull my hair back and tells me “if you dont start begging for it i wont be fucking your pussy, instead i will fuck your virgin ass”, i feel you pull out and push against my ass i let out a scream of pain as you slowly push the head in, i beg you not to, that i will beg you to fuck me. “good whore, start begging me, and by the way, if you ever do anything i dont like again you will be put in alot of pain” i nod my head in understanding. you shove your dick back into my pussy roughly as i beg you to fuck me. “fuck me please, i want to feel your huge dick in me, i want you to mark me as yours” smacking my as you ask me what i am, who do i belong to and what do i want, feeling a lot of pleasure my begging becomes more real as i beg you to fuck me, that im your whore, your fucktoy, that im your bitch and all im good for is as your fuck toy. suddenly you shoot a lot of cum in me. smiling you pull out leaving me like that, with your cum dripping out. “good slut, now i can show my friends how badly you want this,” you walk over to a camera that was recording me. “but first i need to cut that dress off you” you shove a vibrator in me, i moan and beg to be fuck, you didnt care though you just went though and cut my dress off and left me there, hitting climaxes after climax, pleasure starts to turn to pain and then back to pleasure as i lay there with the vibrator in me, finally the batteries die and i pass out…..i wake up hours later on the floor

i see you and i assume two of your friends. i hear one of them say shit, then you shove another cloth in my face and i pass out again….waking up in a dark place, tied differently and i can feel that i am now completely naked. you notice im awake “ah looks like our bitch is awake again, alright boys time for fun” each one of you guy grab me and i can feel one pushing into my pussy, and suddenly i feel another one forcing his dick into my ass, i scream in great pain but suddenly you had your dick in my mouth, shoving it deep down my throat

i try to struggle but you guys make sure i cant break free. fucking me roughly, using me like the fucktoy you wanted. suddenly i feel my ass and pussy get cum into at the same time, but instead of stoping your friends keep going, not even slowing down, suddenly you pull out of my mouth and cum all over my face and i feel them cum again. everyone pulls out of me. i can feel the cum dripping out of my holes, i can feel the pain from my ass. you untie me and drag me to a table too tired to fight back i let you, you and your friends retie me

and leave me there, till the next time you need to use your fucktoy…