last day in highschool, finally the day has come. me and my friends are going to the beach and dont have to worry about school or that creepy teacher we all had, even now hes staring at me….oh well the bells about to ring…..now to go home, change and walk the 3 blocks to the beach. i get home change into my new bikini and start walking, a block down a white van drives a little bit ahead of me and stops. i keep going till i get pulled into the van, gaged and tied. i struggle to break free then i see that its the creepy teach, he undoes my top

he gropes my breasts and laughs. “well my slut, im going to bring you to detention and punish you like the filthy whore you are” tears run down my eyes as i struggle. he shoves something between my legs into my pussy and climbs back to the front seat and starts driving. suddenly i start to feel a vibration, i feel myself getting we, i try to struggle against it. after awhile of me struggling i feel a couple of orgasms, the pleasure gets to much and finally i hit the biggest orgasm i ever had and pass out, right when i feel the van stop………i wake up, naked…hanging in front of a classroom…his classroom and in the back of the room i see myself in the mirror, i try to scream. i hear him laughing “you stupid slut, no one can hear you with that gag in your mouth, and even if i was to take it out theres no one here to here you”

he presses a button and i feel vibration on my clit. i try to struggle against it and again he laughs “you like that dont you slut? ive been watching you in class, dressing all slutty, teasing the guys in the school. well not its time that i make you my bitch, but i dont want you to cum too soon when you get fucked like the whore you are so ill leave you to the toy that is in you” he goes to leave but before he goes, he turns on a camera “i hope you dont mind but im going to record all the fun we will have together, so have fun slut, ill be back soon” i struggle against the ropes, i feel myself getting wetter, i try hard not to moan but it becomes to much. i start to moan against the gag, after afew orgasm, and after the pleasure turned to pain and back to pleasure to go back to pain i finally pass out……when i wake up im in a different place….and with a skirt and heels on?

i hear people walking in. its the creepy teacher, with afew guys from school, the creepy teacher walks up to me and slaps my ass hard i let out a surprised yelp “you see guys, i told you if you did good in my class i would get a bitch for you to fuck, and shes already for it” i go to try and beg them not to but before i can say anything i feel one of the guys shove his dick deep into me. i let out a loud moan and they all laugh “ha she is a little slut, we are going to have fun with her, thanks mr c” i try to beg again for them to stop but before i can he roughly fucks me, and keeps pumping in me, i got so wet and i feel myself getting tight around him, i moan and moan and i find myself shocked but i start to beg for it, for them to keep fucking me. “whos a filthy whore, who wants to be fucked by every guy in town” i yell out i am “im a fucking slut, i neeeeed to be fucked” (mr c) “who owns you whore” “you do mr c, im your filthy whor ohhhhhhhh” i feel myself orgasm but the guys keep taking turns fucking my cunt, filling me with cum (mr c) “im sorry whore, i didnt catch that? who owns you, whos your master slut?” “you are my master, im just a filthy whore, ohhhhh fuck, fuck me like a fucking whore” they each cum deep into me and they make me such there dicks off so they are nice and clean. after the guys leave mr c walks over to me, he sees me crying and smiles “whats wrong whore? wanting more” i shake my head no “please i didnt mean anything i said, i dont want this. just let me go ohhhhh” suddenly he shoves his dick deep into me, pulling my hair back and fucking my roughly “its too late for that bitch, i already got it all recorded and if you try to tell anyone that you were rape i will put the video online, i will make sure everyone will see you as the whore you are, you understand slut?” he fucks me harder as i moan out yessss master, he pulls out of me and quickly moves so he can shove his dick down my throat and cums. “swallow it all whore and after youre done im going to take you to your new home, where you will always be my bitch and fuck any and every guy that comes in” i nod my head, feeling defeated and regretting what my new life will be..