Rape is the Natural Order

For the last 200,000 years, Homo sapiens, as a species, have operated on one simple evolutionary rule: nature doesn’t care HOW the female gets pregnant, just THAT she gets pregnant.

Concern for consent is a whole new dynamic in the mating process that only started significantly effecting it in the last 75-100 years, and really only in the civilized world. Especially in Western culture, society has instituted harsh punishments for rape that are largely disproportionate to its severity.

The male of the species is evolutionary hardwired to spill his seed in as many females as possible. This is because our only real purpose is to pass on our genes. The males who are the strongest and smartest are able to subdue and trick the females into receiving their seed. If the weak and stupid men were able to pass on their inferior genes, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

I’m not saying rape is OK or that it isn’t traumatic for the female. I’m just saying nature doesn’t care. This is from a completely emotionally devoid and purely logical standpoint.