masterboibinder: “Dude, where the hell’s that rag for the…


“Dude, where the hell’s that rag for the chloroform? We need to get this fucker calmed down before those guys show up to haul him away…”

“Just keep your hands clamped real tight over his mouth, man… I almost got his sneaker off.. then we can use his own sock as a rag for the chloroform…”

“just hurry up… he’s putting up a pretty good fight… ya better get his other sock, too… we can use it to tie the other soaked sock around his face until he finally stops struggling…”

Daryl continued to fight and thrash against his attackers until they successfully completed their task… The chloroform-soaked  socks over his mouth and nose diminish his struggling efforts as his muscles finally go limp.

“Damn, that was a lotta work, dude… I don’t think either of us could’ve taken him on the mat at the state wrestling championship this weekend… he would’ve pinned us for sure and walked away with the trophy…”

“Well now we don’t have to worry about that do we? He isn’t gonna be walking away with anything but a dog collar around his neck! Let’s get outta here before those fags show up… they already paid us for getting him subdued, but I don’t wanna give ‘em any ideas about nabbing us, too!”