the-dark-basement:Only 19 years old, this cute little thing just…


Only 19 years old, this cute little thing just missed the bus when I offered her a ride into town. She thanked me, saying she would have been late to a job interview.
I took an exit for a decommissioned highway and pulled over, not a soul in sight. “Why are we stopping?” She asked. “Something is wrong with the car” I lied. I locked the doors, pressed a gun to her temple and put a pair of handcuffs in her lap.
“Put these on behind your back, now!” I commanded. Scared and whimpering, she complied. I locked another pair around her ankles, gagged her with an old rag, and tied a pillow case over her head. I dragged her to the trunk, threw her in and slammed it shut…but not before taking a minute to grope her tits and cunt a little first!
Now here she is, hogtied, blindfolded and gagged on my couch, awaiting her fate…