Do you think there are certain types of women who deserve more abuse than others such as feminists ??

Definitely. The feminists who fill impressionable female teenagers and college women with their indoctrination that all men are evil and that something called “the patriarchy” actually exists. They condition these young girls to not expect any consequences to their whimsical and wanton behavior, and anyone who says otherwise is just a filthy rapist. They are harming these girls in ways the so-called “patriarchy” could only dream of.

And what’s even more saddening, is the damage they’re doing to the young dating scene. The innocence of a nervous teenage boy taking a girl on a date, and wanting to dote upon her and buy her flowers and hold the door for her is being lost to these uppity bitter feminazis. They’re destroying normal relationships between men and women, to the point that young men are scared to have sex with women at all for fear that she’ll cry rape later if they have an argument. And the legal system has taken a back seat to the court of public opinion, so much so that men’s lives are ruined if he’s even accused (not convicted, merely accused) of rape. They can lose their job, their reputation, be put on academic suspension, lose their student housing, have their grades withheld, all because of an ACCUSATION. Due process is gone if you’re a man accused of rape. It bothers me that more people don’t see this as a problem. 

The worst offenders are the liars, like Emma Sulkowicz, who has recently had BIG holes poked in her story from the release of facebook messages by her to her supposed rapist. All the evidence (what little real evidence there is) points in his favor. Now she’s destroying the life and reputation of an innocent fellow student so she can get attention and sympathy. Classic attention whore. The accused wasn’t even allowed to present the messages in his hearing at Columbia University. And the MSM didn’t even give it a short blurb. Fucking sad. I hope this cunt is exposed for the fraud she is, and that her reputation is destroyed worse than she did to him.