usemycum: Ellie desperately wanted to be class president. With…


Ellie desperately wanted to be class president. With her beautiful round tits and long blonde hair, she had attracted the attention of many of the guys with her campaign. When one of her teachers offered her a way to guarantee her getting elected as class president, she jumped at the chance.

After school, she went to Mr Harris’ office like he had told her and knocked on the door. She was confused as to how he could guarantee she got elected, but she definitely wasn’t going to argue! He called her in and told her to stand in front of him. She obeyed. She was confused as he stood up in front of her and told her to turn around, but the confusion turned to obedience when he reminded her that he could guarantee she got elected. He asked her how much she really wanted the position, and she replied that she would do anything to get it. She suddenly felt his hands on her breasts, beginning to massage them. She was confused, and was about to shout when he told her that if she was a good girl and did everything he said, he wouldn’t have to rape her pretty little holes, and would even make sure she got class president.

She nodded meekly, wishing for it to be over, while secretly pleased that a little groping would be all it took for her to get class president after all. He tore hungrily at her blouse, ripping it open to reveal her tits in all their glory. She had tried not wearing a bra in order to help convince him, but it seemed like a pretty bad idea now that he had his hands all over her. She whimpered as he squeezed tightly on one of her perfect tits. Before whispering in her ear that she would need to satisfy him in order to prove she would be a good class president. She shook her head, at which point he grabbed her hair and slammed her onto the desk. She whimpered more, but all he did was tell her that he would not accept no for an answer. She nodded, and moved her hand to the bulge in his trousers. She was a virgin, having only ever given a blowjob once, so she panicked as she felt the size of his bulge. Her eyes grew wide as he unzipped his trousers and released the cock inside. It must have been about 12 inches, and would split her tight virgin pussy in half if he ever tried to put it in her, so she decided she would try to satisfy him with her hands instead. She dropped to her knees, before wrapping a hand around his large cock, and began to move her hand up and down the shaft. He seemed to like this at first, and she desperately hoped it would be enough as she looked up at him. As it turns out, just her hand was not going to be enough, as he laughed and grabbed her head. He sat on the edge of the desk and lifted her by her hair so she could reach the head of his cock, before beginning to force it slowly down her throat. She tried to shout but his cock filled her mouth, stopping any air from escaping. He told her that the last class president had sucked his cock so well that he didn’t even need to fuck her to be satisfied, and this made Ellie even more determined to do the same. She began to move her tongue around his cock as her head slid up and down. She could see that she was only able to take about 4 of his inches into her throat and this didn’t seem to be enough for him at all. He grabbed her throat and forced her onto her back over the desk, before lining up his cock with her mouth. She tried to tell him no, but it was too late, she felt the cock begin pounding into her face, forcing once after inch into her tight throat. She tried once again to scream but no sound came out. After a period of face fucking that Ellie struggled to take, he once again appeared to tire of this incessant fucking and looked hungry for more. It dawned on her that there was only one thing that could happen next, and she began to beg him not to fuck her.

This only seemed to make him harder, as he climbed onto the desk, and pushed his long cock against her pussy opening. She wanted to scream, but he leaned in and whispered ‘everyone has gone home, you’re all alone. You can either take my cock into your pussy willingly, and enjoy fucking your way to your new position, or you can fight against it, and I will force myself into your holes and while you will be fucked, you will not get the position you so wanted.’ She closed her eyes and nodded once. No sooner had she done that, she felt his rock hard cock force it’s way inside of her in such a way that she couldn’t breath. She moaned as the last air left her and the cock filled her virgin pussy before coming to a stop at her hymen. Ellie winced as it hit her hymen, and was thankful that only a few inches would fit inside of her. She moved her pussy around gently, feeling his cock move inside of her and wondering to herself what she was going to do.

He pulled his cock back so the head was barely in the opening, then proceeded to forcefully ram his cock into her, going through her hymen in one and causing her to wrap her arms and legs around him in surprise. In one foul swoop, his entire length was buried in her, the mass of meat causing her pussy to stretch to accommodate him. She gasped as she felt the most incredible pleasure rush through her entire body, making her shiver. He then began to fuck her, pumping his cock in and out of her tight virgin hole as he began his mission to ruin her pussy forever. Little did she know that he planned to fill her with his child, and he had no intention of letting her leave with any of her holes in tact. He would breed her rich, fertile hole and make her his.

She began to feel a wave of pleasure coming over her. Her eyes rolled back as he continued to fuck her, and her whole body tensed as an orgasm shook her whole being. While she had experimented with playing with herself, this feeling was like nothing she had ever experienced before. She moaned loudly as the fucking continued, his cock still pounding deep into her. Any thought she had previously had about becoming class president was replaced by a need for cock.

With one last thrust, he pushed deep into her and let loose a torrent of cum, coating her insides with his thick seed. She was well and truly bred. She would be visiting Mr Harris much more for after school tutoring over the next months, and when her period stopped and she began developing a bump, her chances at class president were as good as gone. Stupid slut.