pumpingyoufull: I don’t even know your name just that you live…


I don’t even know your name just that you live in the apartment above me. Sometimes I see you in the hallway wearing your tight skirt and low-cut top. Tonight was one of those nights. 

I wait around biding my time until the lights go off in your apartment. When they do, I open the door and enter. You shouldn’t have forgotten to lock it. I hear you in the shower and patiently wait outside the door. As you walk past, I throw a blanket around your head and slam you to the ground. I drag you, screaming, to the sofa. Too bad you don’t have any neighbors to come to your aid. Once on the sofa, I force your legs apart and climb on top of you. You try to fight me off, but I’m too strong; you’re powerless to do anything but lie there and wait to be raped. You can’t see anything with a blanket blinding your view, but you can certainly feel. What you feel is my large cock enter your pussy. It’s so big it hurts, but there’s nothing you can do about it. I start thrusting, in then out then in again, as you can do nothing but listen to my moans of pleasure.

You feel my cock absolutely throbbing inside you.

As I get ready to cum, you plead with me to pull out. You’re fertile and know what will happen if I don’t. But I don’t care; pulling out isn’t a part of my plan. I stop thrusting and as I do, I push my cock as deep as it’ll go. You feel the head of my cock push right up to your cervix. Then I orgasm. You’re forced to lie there with your legs spread apart as I completely unload inside of you. You feel my cock pulsating as I release more and more cum deep into your pussy with every passing second. You can feel my seed flowing through your cervix as you lie there accepting your fate. Then you hear the door slam shut as I race-off back to my apartment. You continue lying there, wondering if my semen has already fertilized your egg. You get up and try to take in what just happened. You just had a baby fucked into you, and you have no idea by whom.