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“Get that hand down!”


“This is for your own good!”

“You will fucking learn!”

“Even if we have to continue all night!”

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“Now then, kitten”


“Keep your eyes on mine!”

“We are going to have a lot of fun together today!”

“Just remember to do exactly as I tell you!”

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Every day of her life, Laura was in charge. She ran a large, global, media agency. She had men quaking in their boots when she marched into their offices, powerfully dressed in her pencil skirt, jacket, and heels. Not a hair out of place on her head. She was a veritable force to be reckoned with. She hired and fired, brokered multi-million pound deals. Never did she display a moments weakness.

The one thing about Laura that nobody other than me knew… she only wanted that control at work. When she was with me, she relinquished every bit of it. With me, she became compliant, submissive, and under my complete instruction. She had gifted her submission to me. Mine to do with as I saw fit.

Now, being the powerful, intelligent, driven woman that she was, Laura, like anyone in her position, would sometimes feel overwhelmed. That deal that was on the brink of collapse. That employee that needed to be sacked. It was always there. Her mind was always racing.

But you see, that’s what she has me for. When I tie her up. When I flog her. When I hurt her. When she cries. Just then, in that moment, she no longer has to think about anything else. She becomes focussed. Focussed solely on me. Focussed solely on the pain and pleasure that I bestow upon her. Focussed on serving me. Obedient, owned, submissive, loved; Laura.

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“Why are you in serving pose, Princess?”, I enquire as I enter the room, just home from a hard day at work.

“Because I’ve had a really bad day, Sir”, she replies. “Because I don’t want to talk about it, Sir”.

“Are you sure, Princess?”, I question in a soft, comforting tone, “You know I’m always happy to listen?”

“Thank you, Sir. I know that. But, I don’t want to talk right now. I need to serve you. Please may I serve you, Sir?”

“On one condition, Princess. We talk about your day in the bath tub together afterwards”

“Yes, Sir. Of course, Sir”

“Ok, Princess. Let’s get you restrained. Then I’ll spank the stress away. Would you like that?”

“Very much, Sir. I need you to take me, I want to be lost in our world with only you, Sir”

“Very well, I’m not going to be gentle with you, Princess!”

“Thank you, Sir”

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Repeat after me:

I am beautiful

I am kind

I am lovely

I am enough

I do not have to be perfect

I am perfect for someone just as I am

Now believe it!

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This is simply a lot of good information

This is simply a great amount of good information. 


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I want to bend you over, spank your ass till it’s marked and red. Your mind clears of all your worries, as you focus on each strike. Then I’ll bathe you, and we can go for ice cream.

Today’s mood

Want this but no ice cream for this lactose intolerant little

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‘Is this what you want, baby?’

‘Is this why you’ve been smart mouthing me?’

‘Open wide…’

‘I’m gonna fuck that bratty little mouth of yours!’

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‘What do you say when I let you cum, baby?!’

‘Thank you, Sir’

‘Don’t forget your manners!’

‘Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.’

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