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Sometimes you reblog post with girls getting played with by boys?

Well, yeah… I get off at watching people get played with so,

It’d be the same if it were a guy ruthlessly fucking another guy or a cute girl getting gangbanged. 

Also, the other day I made my female sub fuck one of the guys (he was tied up and already came 3 times so he was already begging me to stop since there was “no way” he could get it up again but… viagra.) It was really humiliating for her since she sees some of the things I’ve done to him but of course helped her realize her place once again and since I was telling him to go harder and basically forcing/taunting him, he was a bit rough with her (once he was untied and I told him it was the only way I’d allow him to cum) anyways, my point is if that scene of them was made into a gif it would of just looked like a guy fucking a girl so… perspective?   
Don’t really have see myself participating in every scene I reblog.

P.S: since that subs is pretty fearful of never being able to satisfy a woman sexually, it was veryyy humiliating for him as well.

I’ve been following you for a really long time, and my dream is to be your little toy

Lets make it happen.

Don’t know why I’m telling you this, but for what it’s worth, you were one of the most unique and incredible people I have ever met. I think I will always remember you.

What a nice way to start the morning, Thanks! I wish you weren’t on anon. I’ll always remember this message tho lol

Do you have a preference to eyes?

Why do I keep getting this message? I don’t have any for girls. For guys, your eyes must be literal diamonds. No exceptions.

I want you to take me so bad. Not when I’m in the mood but whenever I don’t want it and I’m fighting it as hard as I can that way it’s practically rape. That would be so hot.

Come off anon and we’ll talk, slut.

Fuck me until I can’t see straight, please daddy?

Until you can’t speak in complete sentences anymore, slut.

How do you fuck a big-tited virgin ?


I confess I used to think I was a feminist but your blog makes me so wet and the thought of someone degrading me while we fuck turns me on so much

Don’t worry, you can still be a feminist and enjoy being treated like a two dollar whore while you’re being fucked senseless.

Is it bad that I’m 18 and I just want to be fucked brutally constantly?

Not at all.

I just fucked my ass so hard with a big dildo that I almost passed out. Ruining myself is fun.

I’m glad you had fun, slut.