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Fuck me until I can’t see straight, please daddy?

Until you can’t speak in complete sentences anymore, slut.

I confess I used to think I was a feminist but your blog makes me so wet and the thought of someone degrading me while we fuck turns me on so much

Don’t worry, you can still be a feminist and enjoy being treated like a two dollar whore while you’re being fucked senseless.

I bet you’d fuck my brains out.

Until you forget what your fucking name is.

Me and my boyfriend were having sex and we’ve only had like rough sex and like bondage but we’ve never talked about any other kink. But last night he came up be hind me and put a collar on my and forced me down onto my knees. I’ve never been happier in my entire life ^.^

I’m glad you found your happy place, slut.

So I was reading and someone asked insecure girls with scars? And you said not at all …. Does that mean it offends you or your not afraid to take that on…. I’m sorry I’m just curious….

No, I don’t care about scars at all.

Looking at your blog has me more wet than my husband was able to get me last night. But thankfully he’s open to the Dom role. I need to let him take a peak at what you post…

You should.

I want to submit to you so fucking bad. I want you to own my pussy and my ass

I wouldn’t just own your pussy and your ass. I’d own you, cunt.

I really want you to take me. Fuck.

Of course you do, slut.

I just wanted to say that I am a whore and I love being used as what I am. I do what I’m told without back talk and will let my owner do what ever he wants and fuck my holes with what ever he wants.

As you should, cunt.

You’re account made me so wet.

You’re welcome, cunt.